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Meet Angel

Angel, commercially available since 2018, is the AI mind behind Intellectmap. Powered by our patented Expert System technology and ChatGPT, Angel is here to transform your business by protecting, guiding and engaging with you.

ChatGPT is a highly advanced language model that has limitations, including a lack of true understanding of language, limited context awareness, and difficulty with tasks that require specialized knowledge. It also cannot access information outside of its training data. To overcome these limitations, Intellectmap's technology, Angel, works with ChatGPT by incorporating additional customer-provided information to provide more personalized and accurate answers.

By using Angel to filter and interpret ChatGPT's output, the combination of the two technologies creates a more responsible AI. While ChatGPT generates output based on vast amounts of data and creates a "stream of consciousness" model, the subconscious mind it simulates is not always reliable or predictable. This is where Angel comes in, acting as a conscious mind to filter and interpret ChatGPT's output and ensure that the information and advice provided is highly accurate and reliable.

Industries such as healthcare, finance, legal, engineering, scientific research, military, aviation, and cybersecurity require a high degree of accuracy to avoid serious consequences. Angel and ChatGPT's combined strengths make it possible to provide highly accurate and reliable responses in these industries. By leveraging Angel's expert system-based AI to filter and interpret ChatGPT's output, the AI system can provide more responsible and reliable answers, contributing to a more trustworthy and ethical application of AI.

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