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Plan events in a Virtual Environment.

Your Virtual Venue
The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way we view events. Though events are a major marketing tool in most businesses, now, with a growing hesitance to meeting in groups, businesses are adapting their events to an online platform. Angel Events brings you a new way to imagine events in virtual reality.

All the Features of In-Person Events

Interactive Exhibitions

Networking and Social Spaces

Company Booths

Platform for Live Presentations

With these New Added Bonuses

AI Integration
Integrate our patented AI technology that users can interact with as if it were any other person in the environment.

Save on all the usual costs of hosting and planning events, such as flights, hotels, food and set-up.

No Geographical Boundaries
Attend from anywhere in the world, without being restricted by location.

Increased Multimedia Opportunities
Integrate media into exhibits and events without having to install expensive hardware.

Built for Easy Adoption


Interested in working with us for your next event?

Did You Know?
Our VR environment can also be used for virtual offices.