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Catholic AI

For Your Christian Community

Assisting the New Evangelization with AI

Catholic AI supports evangelization of individuals, campus ministries, youth groups and parishes. Offerings are centered on spiritual development and include personal exploration, community outreach, faith formation and growth programs. All offerings leverage the power of Angel to help you understand where you are on your spiritual journey.
Meet Angel, your Community Facing Intelligent Assistant.
Angel works as the first touchpoint to your Christian ministry, using Intellectmap’s patented AI technology to better understand the level of faith formation within your community and their particular spiritual development needs. ​
Angel can…

Hold intelligent conversations with people, navigating them through a decision making process in their engagement with your ministry.

Learn about the educational needs of your community, collect their information, and relay them to your appropriate educational resources.

Connect seamlessly to your Intellect Manager account so you can manage conversations and assign them to your staff while ensuring top security.

​ ​
You can…

Embed Angel into your site, so people can talk to Angel without leaving your home page.

Free up time! By handling the first steps of the engagement process, Angel empowers your staff to focus on more rewarding work.

Streamline the engagement process, enabling you to fulfill your community's needs more efficiently.

Your Community can…

Engage with your ministry wherever they want and whenever they want, with no wait times.

Learn about your ministry without having to spend excessive time conducting research.

Engage with the appropriate subject matter expert easily and effectively.

How does it work?
Our service is simple and effective. Angel asks people a few qualifying questions about the Christian ministry services they need, when they need them and what they consider to be the most important success factors. Angel will then leverage its AI algorithms to connect people to the appropriate person at your Christian ministry to best service their particular needs.