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Intellect Expert

Map knowledge and decision making using AI.

Add Logic and Reasoning to How Information is Presented.

Much of an organization's knowledge is not stored in a database, but in the minds of its employees. This information can be lost when people leave the organization. Intellect Expert captures and shares this intelligence so that it is retained within your organization even when your key people retire or leave. ​
Intellect Expert uses Intellectmap's patented expert system technology called mapped intelligence. The reader travels along paths of thought and changes direction at various intersection points based on how they respond to the content they are reading. In this fashion the reader does not waste time on content that is not relevant to them. It also guides the reader to consider areas that they may not have considered before. The result is that the content presented to the reader is comprehensive and more meaningful to them.
Intellect Expert allows you to quickly record a particular area of expertise and disseminate it in executable form to others. The benefits of this offering include:

Ensure that decisions are made in a consistent way and as speedily as possible.

Reduce the cost of knowledge transfer.

Reduce costs by freeing experts from routine tasks for more productive and rewarding work.

Retain your organization's expertise in a readily maintainable form.

Create efficiencies and reduce time needed to solve problems.

Reduce the number of human errors.

Intellectmap's mapped intelligence technology allows you to develop and present in a fair and impartial way the elements that make up a business strategy or position. The benefits of this offering include:
Intellect Expert can transform the way you communicate to users who need to make business decisions. We use a guided expert system that is directed towards decision making and tailored to your business needs.
How can this help?
Most websites act like a brochure to a business, and either rely on a salesperson or require the user to educate themselves to make the best decision for their needs. Intellect Expert transforms the decision process by interacting with the user, learning their needs and providing them with the information they need to make an informed decision. Not only does this improve user experience, it also provides visibility into their decision making process to inform your business.