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Intellect Manager

Manage and share information intuitively, securely and remotely.

Get a Complete View of Your Business with Intellect Manager.
Intellect Manager allows you to organize your company documents, tasks, and frequently asked questions across departments and to quickly deploy customized databases for information capture and search worldwide. Our hosted services empower you to manage employee, customer, client, and vendor relationships and to securely share your information within virtual data rooms.

At Intellectmap, we value sustainability and flexibility. That’s why we offer a Virtual Environment. Using this environment decreases the greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage that come from driving to and operating in an office building. It also enables teams to recruit the best of the best without being limited by location.

We can provide your organization a customized online shared environment that allows you to work remotely with your employees, customers, clients, and vendors as if you were present among them. This virtual environment provides an open social experience that is "always on" and oriented around work 24x7 as needed, transcending physical geographical limitations and boundaries.

Transforming Remote Work

Features include

Metaverse - Gallery
Take a closer look at the intellectMap powered by Angel and ChatGPT.

The most secure way to manage and share information
Security is our top concern at Intellectmap. Intellect Manager maintains maximum security on its portal using the following features.

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